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Different Aspects of Property Valuation for Property Buyers and Sellers

Property valuation is an important element in buying and selling of properties for both the parties. It gives lot of information about the land buying and its value in the market. Property valuation is undertaken in a series of processes that are important factors in determining the actual value of the land. Lets check its process:

The properties are valued on the mass valuation; they are valued in groups that are known as components. Each of the properties that are represented is valued every year that determines the exact change in the value than of the previous years. The new change is applied to the properties that will give the new land value. The sample valuations are assessed to check its accuracy and the new land value is determined.

House Valuation Process

The valuers also take into consideration the sales of the land and that of improvement in land properties. The improvements in the land properties reflect the real estate value of the land area. In case, if the mass property valuation is not possible then the individual land properties are taken into consideration. The comparison of the land areas by the valuer usually takes into consideration: the property market conditions at the end of the year that is calculated on 1 July, the use of the land area, the location where it is situated, the land size, heritage restrictions, land features, the infrastructural development in the area and the overall development of the area.

The buyers are always on the lookout for the best deals and the actual value of the sales is always lesser than the real land prices. The Property valuation in Sydney is considered to be one of the most intelligent tasks. The buyers look out for all the factors while buying the properties and at the same time home sellers want to sell their properties at the highest returns. The realtor who is working for the buyer would always look out for the best value deals. The realtor will take out his own survey in terms of the value of the land along with nearby locations. The home buyers who are looking for the loan for their newly bought homes can only get the loans if the value of the financing or mortgage is equal or less than market value. The very truth about home buying and selling is, neither the buyer nor seller of the property has control over its value. The market decides the price value of the land. This is sometimes referred to as “invisible hand”. The happen at transactions the fair value price, as much as the seller wants to sell at high rates and the buyer wants to buy at low rates. Over the last ten years, there has been wide fluctuation in the prices of land value in Australia. The market value has fallen down today because most of the homebuyers are not able to pay off their mortgage loans. The credit for home buying has become difficult that has made it even more difficult for the homebuyers to buy the property.


The Property Valuation in Sydney has always been under scanner, the valuers are taking out plans to improve the home rates that are mutually beneficial to the buyers and sellers. Some of the most important factors a seller should consider before putting his property on sale are the external repairs such as painting and the repair work, the doors and the windows of the house, the landscaping, yard, the flooring of the house and kitchen upgrades. The seller might also consider making improvements in the toilet repairs, the lighting repairs, painting the walls, the roof of the house, organizing the house. For the landlords, it is a bigger task looking over at the financial gains he might get. Although, there are many factors one must consider before putting out a property for rent. A person should consider the appreciation value of the land, the current income, leverage and the tax advantages.

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