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Five Property Valuation Myths – A Property Owner Must Know

The need for valuation of property is more when there is any deal but there are certain myths that are hardly true.

Property Valuation Myths

While there is a chance that someone is buying or selling any property, there is a need for the valuation of the same. Property valuation seems to be one of the biggest and most important things that is to be done. The actual importance of property valuation for any residential or commercial property can never be overlooked. The chances are that the property valuer can give the best dealing system on the basis of the property valuation. It can also be said that the role of the valuers being enhanced in these times, it is also the through them that the actual value of the real estate property can be known. In most of the cases- like in the residential properties the valuer add the total room, the spaces and the areas including gardens and balcony in the total valuation system. It is through the valuers that a property can be available at the right price.

Also with that the importance is more with the commercial buildings and properties as well which is why more people are trying to add the valuation system to the process. When it is all about the property and its presentations, the property valuers can also break the myths related to the system. Yes, there are certain things that are still the myths on which the system runs. The real things are to be known and then only the valuation can be effective. The real facts are there making property valuation myths broken.

Valuation Myths That are to be Known:

It is through the real active supports from the property valuers that the myths can be broken.


  • Investment in Commercial Property is Risky – It is one myth that a property owner must know. It is more related to the valuation service and the proper active strategies that the investment can fetch the money associated with the investments. Now things are not risky based on the commercial or residential factors.
  • Valuation and Property Presentations – It can be known that the presentation of a property is important. The myths are not quite related to what happens in the business. The property presentations to the buyers can actually fetch the value higher. Thus proper presentations are to be made.
  • More Bedrooms and More Prices – The relation is actually not such easy. Better bedrooms will rather have higher valuation. The number is not such a factor as the space and the amenities are. Thus, having better bedrooms will have better values.
  • Market Property Value and Property Sale Price – The myth goes like the valued property system and the prices are not actually same. There is a difference which shall be known.
  • Price Goes Down -That is the truth and not the other which is a myth. The prices vary according to market rates.

With the system is quite clear the importance and the proper idea can be made.So, the myths are to be forgotten while buying and selling properties.

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