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What Should You Keep in Mind While Getting Your Property Valued?

There are many things you need to keep in mind while getting your property valued by professional valuers. First of all the property should be in good condition hence get the necessary repairs done before getting the property valued. The other important thing to consider is that you need to consider is the sale of similar properties and the price at which they sold. It is necessary that the valuation of property is done by a professional because he or she will know what to look for in order to decide the right price of the property. If this is not taken care of, you might end up selling your property at a price lower than its worth.


If you are selling property in Australia it will be a good idea to hire Australian property valuers.Otherwise you may end up selling the property for a price lesser than the market price. It is important to understand how buyers evaluate a property. Also, it is important to follow a proper method to find the value of the property. If you are planning to sell a property, it is necessary that you understand the importance behind Property Valuation. It is necessary to evaluate a property because:

  • While valuing your property a professional will take a close look at it and decide how much the selling price should be. Along with the current situation of the property market many features of the property are taken into account before deciding the selling price.

  • If the property is not valued correctly then you may end up selling the property for less than it’s worth and you will be at the losing end in this situation. Along with this there is also the risk of delays while selling the property if you do not perform the valuation of properly.

This is the reason it is important to hire a property valuer when you are selling a property in Australia. This is also necessary if you are buying a property. If you are buying a house you need to make sure that you end up paying an exorbitant amount for a property that doesn’t deserve that much. Hence valuing is necessary both while buying and selling property.

You can keep in mind some tips which will help you to good Property Valuers in Australia and get the best rates for your property:


  • Make your property, whether it is commercial or residential very presentable and appealing. In this way people coming to buy the property will get a positive impression and the property valuer will also give it high marks.

  • If you are aware of any other property sales that have happened recently in your area, you should make that information available to the valuer.

  • You can initially get the property evaluated by municipal or state companies. Usually their valuation sets a benchmark which can be later taken up by the professional Australian property valuers. You can provide the details of this valuation to the professional evaluators when you hire them.

  • Property valuers are usually very good and skilled and identifying and recognising, frauds and tricks. This will be extremely useful if you are buying property. Also when you are selling property you should keep this fact in mind and not try to mislead the evaluators.

  • If you are planning on any improvements to the property, they should be done before the property valuation. This is because the property is always valued at its current state and future enhancements are not considered. You should submit a detail of these improvements to the evaluator to help his/her evaluation.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to get a perfect valuation done for your property while you are selling it.


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This entry was posted on March 15, 2013 by in Property Valuation.
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