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A Detailed Process of Professional Property Valuation

Anyone involved in the real estate business knows the importance of property valuation. Property valuation is essential for any kind of investment as it has a direct relation to market economics and inflation. Because of inflation the value of currencies is changing on a daily basis. If you sell a property at $2 billion which you bought five years ago at $1 billion, then you are on the losing side. The property that cost $1 billion five years ago is today valued at $2 billion. A better understanding of the market and regular property valuations help you in understanding the present value of your property.

Property Valuation is a detailed process. It is better to do property evaluation before buying or selling a property. If you want loan from a bank to buy a property, then have to submit a copy of the property valuation report done by an authorized agency. Otherwise, the bank won’t sanction property loans. There are many authentic property evaluators like National Property Valuers who provides best in-class services at affordable cost.


Some of the services offered by Property Valuation Company are:-

Manual Inspection of The Property – Manual inspection is necessary to conduct a better valuation. Today there are property Valuers who give a report based on the details provided by the client or someone else. This is not a good practice. Those people who visit the site and check the property conditions and facilities can only give a trustworthy valuation report.

Calculating Demand of Property Based on Location and Current Price Trends – The demand of property depends on various parameters. The main parameters are location and current price trends. If the property is in a prime location and the current pricing trends are showing positive signs, then a professional evaluator will advise the property owner about the possibilities of reaping gains from the market. Good market conditions always favour real estate transactions.

Evaluating Economic Growth and Price Trends over a Year of The Region Where the Property Is Located – Property valuations are conducted by various methods. One of the methods followed by Property Valuers is price comparison. It is done by analysing the current transaction of the property, and comparing it with other similar properties. The parameters that are considered for comparison include physical characters, location, expenditures and modifications, if any. Comparison helps in getting a clear picture about the property’s present worth.

Creating Professional Property Valuation Report – The evaluation is done based on several parameters to create a professional property valuation report. The report will include all details related to your property, like its value before 2 to 5 years and its present value. Some report also includes the plus points and the minus points of the property. This helps property owners and property management companies to do the needful.

Final Valuation and Company Certification – After including each and every important detail related to the property and its future prospects, a final valuation report is created. This report will be handed over to the client after certified by any of the higher authorities of the valuation company.

To get a descent offer you should know the property’s worth in the present market. Otherwise a higher valued property will get lower price and you will not be aware of that. Property valuation is not a costly activity. Investments based on property valuation reports guarantee that you are not investing in a property that is over-priced and over- valued.


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